Posted on April 3, 2006 by Doolwind

Polishing Bugs

Everything is in and ready to go for the tech demo. I’ve been working on polish and bugs fixes for the last couple of weeks and I’ve cleaned up all my known bugs. I’ve just got a week of testing singleplayer and mainly multiplayer over a LAN and the internet. After a couple of weeks of looking on and off I finally found the cause of my graphical bug which made the missile trails to render incorrectly every 10-15 seconds for a frame or two.

I’ve got a list of 5 polish items which will make the game easier to play, so I’ll implement as many of them as I can. None are too critical so it’s safe to introduce them at this stage. I’d highly recommend checking out the tutorial videos if you haven’t already as without in-game tutorials the game is quite daunting to begin with. This will be a major factor over the next few months as I work out ways of fixing the interface design (which has been ad-hoc so far) and basically making the game accessible to all players.

I’m away this weekend visiting my parents so I’ll try and upload before I go and leave everyone to try the game out over the weekend.

PS. Happy birthday Ryan and Amy…and good luck in your interview tomorrow Kel.