Posted on December 13, 2007 by Doolwind

Auran Is Dead

Just spoke to some ex-colleagues of mine from Auran. Auran Developments (who hires the dev team) has just gone into liquidation and has shut up shop. The guys don’t get paid this week, they don’t get their holidays paid out, and they don’t get redundancy packages.

I’m really sorry to hear this, and my thoughts go out to all the guys, particularly so close to Christmas.

As some people are reporting, there is a chance that the guys will get paid out, but if so it won’t happen for at least a few months once the liquidation is sorted. The fact is that none of them are getting a dime for the time being (and most likely not before Christmas).

For more info visit GEERS website.

Update 2:
I’ve been given the website of a refugee group for all the ex-employee’s with info on how the liquidation etc is going. Email me directly if you are an ex-employee and want this info.

Update 3:
I’ve been contacted by a number of game companies that are offering positions for anyone affected by the liquidation.  If you are looking for work, again please contact me directly and I’ll get you in contact with their reps.

Update 4:
I’ve been asked to reiterate that the only company involved in this liquidation is Auran DevelopmentsMyVirtualHome (who have nothing to do with Auran anymore) are unaffected.